2016 Family Day Community Service in New York

Consistency in serving community! This is was the motto of the Family Day on May 29, 2016. BFAI volunteers and NY CVA students organized social service project at community garden in Yonkers.

Our volunteers together with  “Habitat for Humanity of Westchester” are trying to keep garden clean and beautiful during the summer. This small garden in the middle of urban area in Yonkers looks like small oasis.  This is a wonderful place where people can enjoy peace of nature.

We cleaned up the garden, pulled up weeds, planted flowers and vegetables. Elders and kids worked together during the project. They observed the growth of the vegetables which they planted one month ago and which they are planning to distribute to people in need in surrounding community later on.

It was a great opportunity to contribute to the community and practice culture of living for the sake of others in action!


Tatiana Savelieva,

Project coordinator from New York


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