Blessed Family Association International, (BFAI) is a recognized 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational organization that aids in the development and growth of families and communities based on universally accepted spiritual principles and values, through education and interfaith initiatives.

President Howard C Self

President Howard C Self


The Blessed Family Association International (BFAI) is dedicated to the noble cause of establishing peace throughout the world. Our mission statement declares: “BFAI empowers people to raise God-centered families as the foundation for a peaceful ideal world.” Of course, there have been countless organizations throughout the centuries with that same goal. However, we can see that our world continues to be filled with warfare, violence, oppression and injustice. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are pouring into Europe and elsewhere on a continuing basis even as I write. Many are losing their lives in their effort to escape the horrors of war. In some countries, the entire population, outside of a few elite, suffers under the oppression of their own government.

BFAI seeks to be a steady light in this too persistent darkness through its uncommon approach to peace, namely its focus on strengthening the very building block of every society-the family. The family is indeed a universal entity whose history stretches back to the creation of humanity. The family has rightfully been called “the school of love”, for it is in the family that every person first experiences receiving love and then learns to give love out to others. If there is a power that can overcome the hatred and greed that evoke warfare on every level, then it must be the power of love.

Therefore, the members of BFAI will continue to build and carry out projects and programs that strengthen the family in each given nation. Such projects include the Core Values Academy, a K-12 educational program and the Leadership Task Force, a year-long training program that gives high school graduates and college students the opportunity to serve others in a number of nations.  These are vital in enabling youth to embody the highest values and principles in preparation for their all-important future roles as parents. BFAI programs overall-for every age group- promote the culture of “living for the sake of others”. I invite you to find out more about BFAI and to join us in the urgently needed effort for lasting peace.

-Howard Self

President, Blessed Family Association, International